The Game

The Cast
In SkullMonkeys you take on the role of Klaymen, the hero from the Neverhood...Your pal Willie Trombone is always nearby, ready to help...Watch out for the evil Klogg, he has plans for Klaymen and the Neverhood...The SkullMonkeys are working for Klogg now, but there are still a few good ones around.
Klaymen Willie Klogg A SkullMonkey
Klaymen Willie Klogg SkullMonkey

The Game
Whilst eating delicious Peanutty Buttery and Jelly Sandwiches Klaymen is suddenly whisked away by a strange remote control device to Planet Idznak, the home of the SkullMonkeys.

Planet Idznak

Upon your arrival you immediately be hurtled into a fascinating and deadly world, where your will encounter...seemingly insurmountable obstacles...
Klaymen Gets Whacked!

throngs of evil minions controlled by Klogg...
Watch Out!

and beans...
Musical Fruit

prizes and super swell power-ups are plentiful here...
Planet Idznak

and hours and hours fun,fun,fun.

With well over one hundred levels of challenging, gut wrenching excitement, and with many, many zany Klaymation shorts in between levels, and a kick-a@$ soundtrack by Terry Taylor, you are GAA-RAN-TEEED a darn good time.

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