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Today, in the good ol' USA, families gather for summer picnics in the park. Feasting on Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cole slaw, Van Camp's Pork & Beans, and leaving the Jell-O-mold salad untouched. The music of chirping birds and the smell of fuming charcoal fill the air with a tranquil sense of pure Americana. Ah, it's great to be an American.

Suddenly, the jarring, resonant rumble of a colossal space ship interrupts the calm. Picnickers scatter under the shadow of the giant pointy-eared mother ship. It belongs to a race of catlike aliens called the Feline Alien Research Troop. The Feline Alien Research Troop has come to fulfill a mission. Mandu, the commander of the Feline Alien Research Troop, has ordered the abduction of Earth's most powerful defensive weapon -- the common housecat.

The Feline Alien Research Troop spares no expense. They deploy mechanical slaves called "BoomBots" to seize our housecats. These deadly war machines heartlessly execute their mission with no regard for the safety of humanity. The Feline BoomBots demolish Earth, as they ransack the planet. They will not cease their scouring until they have every cat.

A great meeting is called, gathering the world's top minds, in search of a solution that will end this devastation. Three of our top scientists, Dr. Doe, Dr. Pick and Dr. Newton, devise a plan to load up every housecat onto an immense rocket, to voluntarily transport them to the Feline Alien Research Troop. We will ransom our planet by giving up all our cats -- a small price, it seems.

The error is that housecats really are Earth's greatest defensive weapons. For millennia, the presence of common cats on our planet has safeguarded us from the United Rat Infestation Nation, a race of nasty rodentlike aliens.

The Feline Alien Research Troop quickly repopulates their planet with our cats. The scurrying pests of the United Rat Infestation Nation quickly evacuate to the nearest rat-hospitable refuge - the newly de-catted Planet Earth!

Now, our brilliant science team must join forces with a feline alien double agent named Paul. They form The BoomBots Underground Technology Team. Their mission is to somehow, bring our housecats back.

The BoomBots Underground Technology Team decides to make their own BoomBots, to rescue our cats. So what if our technology sucks? Our BoomBots make up in bravery for what they lack in ability, training, aptitude, efficiency and common sense.

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