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Boombots is lastest installment from the mixed-up minds at the Neverhood. First, they brought you the Neverhood, a PC Klaymation Adventure Game that follows the trials and tribulations of Klaymen and the diabolically evil Klogg. Next, they brought you the return of Klaymen and Klogg in Skullmonkeys, a side scrolling action game for the Sony Playstation. Boombots, is their third endevour, and involves an entirely new story and cast of characters.
Boombots is a real time 3D fighting game for the Sony Playstation that takes place on a trek to the planet of the Feline Alien Research Troop, where Earth's Boombot Underground Technology Team has traveled to challenge the Feline Alien Research Troop's Boombots.
The goal of the one-player game is to survive through an arduous series of battles with the Feline Alien Research Troop's Boombots and defeat their leader, the evil Mandu, thereby regaining possession of the Earth's housecats and ridding our planet of the troublesome United Rat Infestation Nation. The goal of the two-player game is to kick your opponent's butt and make him feel bad about himself in the process.The game itself is a one or two player "vs shooter", viewed in the 3rd person through a single (unsplit) screen. Before each battle begins, each player chooses his character from a list of fifteen BoomBots. The player with the last Boombot standing is the winner.
Boombots being developed by the Neverhood for Dreamworks Interactive and will be distributed by South Peak Interactive. Boombots is scheduled for release sometime this fall. Stay tuned to this site for more release and game information.

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