Neverhood Team

Douglas TenNapel - Mayor
Dug's Mug He is very tall, has severe vision problems, but somehow he has been able to make a name for himself in the video game industry. His previous games include, Genesis J-Park and Ren and Stimpy's Invention. Nintendo- Jungle Book. He also created the character Earthworm Jim and most of the supporting characters, and did about 40% of the animation in the Snes and Genesis games. His hobbies include: searching for MicroNauts, writing movies and drawing. Douglas is married to wife of 6 years, Angie and has 3 cats, Simon and Waffle and Mr. Black.

Edward Schofield - Outlaw
Ed He is the man with the best musical taste at the Neverhood. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, Ed is the king of art...other than Mike Dietz. That does not make Ed the queen it makes him more like the Duke. Yeah, he's the Duke of Art. At the Neverhood, he is making a bunch of cool backgrounds and doing animation. His previous game credits include doing animation on Cool Spot, Aladdin, Jungle Book, Global Gladiators, Earthworm Jim (where he put the snowman in Heck) and Jim2. Ed has a daughter and a dog . His hobbies include listening to Doug talk about himself in 3rd person.

Mike Francis Dietz - Ditch Digger
The indisputable best animator in the biz, Mike makes us all look better than we really are. We all learn animation from him and stand slack jawed at his ability. Mike likes to raise Sea Monkeys. He tries to teach them tricks like the package says you can. Mike worked on the same games as ED and Doug only his animation was much better. Mike helped to invent the Digicel Process and the Animotion 1 and 2 processes. He has invented a new process here at the Neverhood, but we aren't going to try to exploit it or him by trying to snow you with it. Mike has a dog named Jake. Mike runs every day. Mike listens to Weird Al. Mike is now a father. Bobby is way bigger now.

Mark Lorenzen - Sheriff
Mark is a big giant brain. A brain with legs, only he can draw. He's like Rainman only he doesn't do that scream thing when he sees hot bath water. Mark worked on J-park 1 and 2, Jim2, and he created Vectorman. Mark is an artist who can program with the best of them. We always smoke him when we play Command and Conquer. Mark has a wife and two kids. Mark and Doug went to college together. They took the same classes but Mark came out really smart and Doug could just draw.

Eric Ciccone - Butler
Yes, he is the cousin of Madonna. Eric is an animator who worked on Jim1 and 2, and if you snowboard you have probably seen one of his designs on a board. He skates, he snowboards and gets injured and does not go to the doctor though his foot is all puffy and green. Eric's hobbies include levitation and playing Warcraft 2.

Ellis Ellis Goodson

Ellis started out at Leland Corporation and worked on such classics as Asylum and Thunderboats which actually never made it to the stores. From there he went to Bluesky and worked on Shadowrun, Techno-Clash, Jurassic Park 1 and 2 Vectorman 1 and 2 and Assasin. Ellis is expert Hacky Sack juggler. He can do a lay-up without travelling. Anyone at Bluesky who denies this fact is deemed a liar. He has also published his own comic called The Bounty of Zone Z.

Stevie Stevie Crow

Stevie commutes to the Neverhood all the way from Hadlow, England to work here in sunny California - now that is commitment. His previous games include Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, Aladdin, Global Gladiators, Starquake (on the Sinclair Spectrum!). His pastimes include beating up his friends on the soccer field, golf and work.


Brian Belfield -Generalissimo
Doug and Mark met Brian at BlueSky Software in San Diego. Out of all of us, Brian is the best at Descent. Brian programmed Spiderman for the 32x which I think two people own. He did some work on J-Park and a bunch of sports games. He gets here earliest and goes for frequent walks. Brian is our high-level programmer, assembling final graphics etc. The ironic thing is, that he is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and is a dang good painter. He can do figure drawing like the rest of us. On a future game we are going to swipe him into the art dept.

Tim Lorenzen - Spin Doctor
Go Tim! Tim is the older bro of Mark. Tim came from 7th Level. Tim likes Ska music. Tim does low-level programming, data handling and works around the clock. He has two sons who come in here and draw Earthworm Jim all of the time. Tim orchestrates a lot of the programming tasks, writing the bulk of our engine and writing support tools.

Kenton Leach - Sorcerer's Apprentice
Kenton! Kenton will always be a mystery.

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