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Hey Everybody! Thanks for all of your letters of praise. We know alot of you are stuck in the game, and are requesting hints. If you go to the hints section of our page, many of your questions will be answered. As a special favor to all of our tone deaf admirers, we have given in and posted the solution to the musical pipes at the little house.

We try to answer as many e-mails as we can and we do read all of your letters, but there are only a few of us and so many of you, so, unfortunately we cannot respond to all the requests for hints.
Please keep the mail coming!

Write to: [email protected] If you have comments, complaints or questions about the web page, then write me directly. [email protected]The Web Master. If you are requesting a hint don't forget to check the hint page first, and if you need some technical help, check the Technical Suggestions Page, or go to the Microsoft Knowledge Base which has a listing of all the common problems and their solutions. The link for the Knowledge Base is also on the Technical Suggestions Page.

Write Us!

Alfred Writes:

For you're sake you might WANT to sell the sequal on the PC because you'd make more money if you didn't limit yourself to CRAPStation. I personally won't buy a CRAPStation just for your sequal. Well I'm just one of thousands VERY, HUGELY, BIGGLY, dissapointed people.

Burn in heck,
Your loyal fan
(Remember the $$$ you could make if you released it on multi-platforms)

Dear Alfred,
Let's address your concerns, and those of many others who have written us. First of all, we should all take a moment to reflect on Doug's game making history. His biggest and bestest game before the Neverhood was Earthworm Jim for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis, a hippity hop side scrolling platform game. So, for those of you who think that the guys at the Neverhood are bailing out on you, or selling out to the man, its just not true. This is just the kind of game that we love to make, and that's the only reason we are doing it. Secondly, if someone wants to port it over to the PC later on then that would be just swell, but for now this is going to be Playstation game. We hope you will love playing it just as much as we love making it.

The Neverhood

Skulachev Petr Writes:

The Neverhood team!
First of all, thanks for good game. Lots of jokes (such as hummer men near hole or well-known BOBBY) and very happy end.
I am graduated student of cumputer science (Moscow State University) and I.m interested in technology of creation Neverhood world. Was it real plastilin or clay model (I think it's true becouse I saw a lot of small details of Neverhood world that correctly shown from different sizes) and you digitize cartoon, or all of this was crated only on displays?

Peter Skulachev, Moscow, Russia

Dear Peter,
The sets were made out of klay, but the puppets like Klaymen were actually metal models covered with latex foam. This makes them easy to pose, and they don't get all gloopy and soft like klay. This method is widely used by animators, and was used to make some of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. WoW!

Have fun chasing moose and squirrel,

Neverhoody Writes:

you should offer the hint book with the tea shirts and stuff, what is the book called because I just can't find it. I beat the neverhood rather quickly because I was grounded for a month plus 3 extra weekend of house arrest from the police department. It was a lot of fun.


Dear Neverhoody,
Below is a picture of the hint book that you can purchase at your favorite bookseller. Instead of "tea" shirts, how about an Official Neverhood brite orange jumpsuit and a cake with a file it.

Don't drop the soap,
Warden Willie

The Neverhood Hint Book
Published by Microsoft Press
Retail Price - $16.99 U.S.

Gary Smith and Son Write:

My son, Eric, and I loved The Neverhood! Having played many games over the last 9 years, I would place The Neverhood, near, or at the top of my list for a lot of reasons! The game was challenging, very funny and told a great story! Your ending was outstanding! It almost brought tears to my eyes--a truly "happy ending". Hoborg and Clayman were the best. I've been thinking about having my named legally changed to Clayman . . . or is that too extreme?

Many thanks for a terrific game experience!
Gary Smith

Dear Gary and Son,

We are glad you and your son loved the game, but please don't even think about changing your name to Klaymen because the name is trademarked and copyrighted and things, and we will sue you. Just kidding guys. Thanks for buying.

Your Friend,
Larry Klaymen Jr. and Associates

Grace Cajigas & Stefan-Michael Tanagon Write:

Why does his (KLAYMEN) glove change hands, I first noticed this when he was going up the ladder in the house with the pipes, as he's going up, the glove is on his left hand, when he gets to the top, the glove is on his right hand. so...what's up with that????????
answers...I want answers!!!!!!!

Dear Both of You,

First of all, good eye. The answer to this question really boils down to money. Rather than creating two frames of animation for each time Klaymen turns one way or the other, only one frame is created and then flipped when Klaymen goes the other way. This is actually a common practice among lazy cheapskate video game creators. This saves time and money and lets us goof off more.

Don't tell anyone else,
The Neverhoods

Pawe=B3 Janik Writes:

Czesc !!! Jezeli tylko rozumiecie po polsku to OK ! Chcialbym dostac pelna wersje (na CD) NeverHood tylko nie wiem jak? Oczywiscie jak najtaniej. Czy jest to mozliwe?

Dear Janik,


Emay ontday nderstanday,

Pam Writes:

Neverhood is the most addicting game that I have ever played. I have been known to play for 6 hours straight.(at the least) I even got my friends addicted. We're all looking forward to the 2nd version. You are all very creative, and I appreciate the amount of time you must have put into making this game!...

Dear Pam,

Thankyou for your kind words. We definitely appreciate it. You know, it is a tough job but somebody has got to do it.

Have a Happy Day,
Willies Mom

Octopie Shroom Writes:

When are you going to actually put a new strip on. You say you are going to put one on each week whats up?

Dear Mr. Shroom,

We said every week and we meant it. However, here at the Neverhood time is different. Your week may consist of seven time periods called days, while our week may last a month or more. We hope this clears up any confusion.


Jeffrey Allan Writes:

I've just finished "The Neverhood" and I really enjoyed it!! I am looking forward to your next game. I just want to know if that fella was really puking soda, in the "Making if the Neverhood"?

Dear Jeffrey,

Glad you liked the game. And yes, soda made up the bulk of the regurgitated stomach contents, but there were also carrots, corn and other indicernible food items.

Toss Your Cookies,

Chris Boyce Writes:

I wanted to ask if you plan on making a soundtrack CD the Neverhood music? I really like the music, and tape recorder doesn't do a good enough job. My compliments on the awesome, fantastic, totaly cool game. I love it.

Dear Chris,

Sorry to hear that your bootleg didn't work out, but there is good news on the way. Doug sez that the soundtrack will soon be made available to you, the general public.

Happy Trails,
Willie Nillie

CFB-97 Writes:

When will there be soundbits??? I want some!!!!!

Dear C3PO, Doug yelled at me because I never put anything on the downloads page. So I put some stuff there. I left the Team picture because people just love it.

May the Force Be With You,
The Whipping Boy

Rick Deerfield Writes:

Hi All: I downloaded a 21mb demo (took nearly 2 hours!) and was delighted and amazed for the entire 30 seconds of play. Once out of the house, though, the demo came to an end. My question is 2-fold. One.. is this indeed the extent of the demo? Two.. if the demo is 21mb, how huge is the real game??? Anyway.. from the little piece I was able to view, your animation looks terrific. What's the rest of the game like?

Dear Rick,

The Demo you saw was, in fact, the whole demo. The game takes up all of the space on a CD, which is alot. So much space was taken up by the game that my gorgeous mug had to be cut from the Making Of Video which is also included on the disk. To answer your other question, the rest of the game is as the French say, "Tray Magnifeek!", which is good.

Get yours today,

Rene From Germany Writes:

hello !
i know i should call tech-support, but i live in germany and i would be = very happy if you could answer my question so i don't have to make that = horribly expensive phonecall !

well, my problem is that i can't get that =A7"%&# radio to work !

i already pulled that damn ring (the one on the right) in the venus-flytrap room several times, but it won't do anything. the radio stays dead. do i have to pull it right at the start of the game ? please help me, so i can continue with this fascinating great game of yours ;-)

Wie Gehts Baby,

I don't normally respond to hints in this manner, but since I speak a little german, I shall give you the answer to this perplexing puzzle auf Deutche. Pullen sie die letzte ringen an der right. Wenn du hearst ein Kowbellen type sounden, denn du hast dun gooden. If du hearst ein buzzen sounden du hast dun nicht so gut.

Shnitzen Gruben,
Gunter Klaymensteinenfasbindergefluffen

Ben Plitt Writes:

I wanted to say that your game is great. I am 12 and I beat the game in 5 days. Make the next one a little harder please. I admit that I used the hints and tips page, But only for the impossible ones, like "BOBBY". I found out about the neverhood by a demo put out by MSN. After I played the demo I thought "I have to get this game" I couldnt find it anywhere until I took a vacation to New York, where I found it at the Virgin Entertainment store.

Dear Ben,

Thanks for playing. Next time around it might not be so easy, in fact its not easy, but I can't say anymore.

Your Pal,

Frogman Writes:

My question is why does Willie say to hang him up on a limb so he can sing some song? Am I missing something?

Dear Frogman,

Yes, you are missing the joke.

Your Loopheaded Chum,

If you have any reason you don't want your letters published here, then please let us know when you send your mail. Management reserves the right to bronze letters they like and flush any they don't approve of.

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